Our visiting specialist and Registered Nurse, Natalia from Renew Appearance Medicine, takes great care to assess and educate her clients on the use of cosmetic injectables.
Her technique and skill as well as her artistic eye have helped many clients attain their optimal appearance without invasive surgery. She works closely with each individual client to determine how they can improve their appearance while maintaining a natural and fresh look. 
Natalia offers complementary consultations to discuss the options around cosmetic treatments and offers Genoapay so you can pay your treatment off over 10 weeks, with no interest and no fees.
Treatments include:
- Botulinum ToxinA treatments
- Dermal Fillers
- PRP Facials
-Teeth Whitening.
Check out her website for more information or follow her on Facebook at 'Renew Appearance Medicine'.
Natalia is here at Luxe every fortnight on a Monday from 1pm-5pm.

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